uSis helpdesk and online help

Problems with uSis? Please, consult the online help for a demonstration, an exercise, documentation and background information, including the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about uSis.

The student information system uSis is part of our programme of continuously improving services to our students. The self-service facilities of uSis allow you:

  • to track your own study progress;
  • request your grade lists;
  • register for minor subjects, courses and exams;
  • to make requests for modifications to your study plans.

Problems with uSis?

To watch a demonstration, to take an exercise, or for documentation and background information, please, visit the uSis website.

Enrolment required for lectures, workgroups and exams

In uSis, the students have to enrol not only for the exams and the workgroups, but also for the lectures and/or labgroups. The enrolment has to take place until ten days before the exam!

These enrolments are required! If you do not enroll, you will not receive a grade for a course!

Please note that for a course you have to enrol for:

  • Lecture
  • And/or workgroups
  • And/or labgroups
  • And exam

Last Modified: 04-07-2014