Do placebos help against itching?

If a pill containing no active ingredients still helps, this positive expectation is called a placebo effect. A negative expectation is called a nocebo effect. Both can be produced by  verbal suggestions and conditioning. According to Andrea Evers’ research group, combining these is the most promising approach to itching.

Better memory at ideal temperature

People’s working memory functions better if they are working in an ambient temperature where they feel most comfortable. That is what Leiden psychologists Lorenza Colzato and Roberta Sellaro conclude after having conducted research. They are publishing their findings in Psychological Research.

Master's agenda Psychology

Check the agenda until 2016 for the master's introduction and course enrolment days. Have you applied for a master's programme Psychology in Leiden? Please, save the date: 28 August 2014.

Leiden through the eyes of Brianna Valois

Brianna Valois comes from the small town of Phillipston, Massachusetts in the United States, and is currently a third-year Psychology student studying abroad from Clark University. 'Students in Leiden are more independent.'

Difference between brain hemispheres not so strict

The difference between the rational left hemisphere and the emotional right hemisphere is by no means as strict as the popular view would have us believe. PhD candidate Jurriaan Witteman has published a study on this topic in Cognitive, Affective and Behavioural Neuroscience.

Symposium on the importance of gender in research

Leiden University wants more focus on the differences between women and men in research. This time the goal is not more women researchers, but closer attention for the gender factor in scientific research. Taking sex and gender into account leads to innovation. To fail to do so is to risk the loss, not only of money but also of lives. What’s more, it is a requirement of Horizon 2020. Reason enough for a symposium on 28 March.

Open house International Bachelor in Psychology (IBP)

14 March 2014 you are very welcome to our Open House Psychology, if you want to know more about the International Bachelor in Psychology in Leiden. Note: the APPLICATION DEADLINE (2014-2015) at 15 February 2014. The Open House at 14 March is after this deadline.

Master's Information Day

The Master's Information Day suits prospective students who are interested in Psychology in Leiden, but who don't know yet which master's specialisation to choose.

Tyrosine helps you stop faster

A child suddenly runs out into the road. Brake!! A driver who has recently eaten spinach or eggs will stop faster, thanks to the amino acid tyrosine found in these and other food products. Leiden cognitive psychologist Lorenza Colzato publishes her findings in the journal Neuropsychologia.

More sensitive to social exclusion

Children who experience chronic rejection and exclusion by their parents can become more sensitive to social exclusion later on in life and suffer the effects for a longer period of time. This is the subject of an online publication on the website Plos One by Anne-Laure van Harmelen and her Leiden University colleagues.