New external website goes live 10 December

The first part of the new website will go live on 10 December. This includes the homepage, the faculty websites and the sections About us, Research, Academic Staff, and News and Calendar. The following are some questions and answers about the new site.

Measuring, knowing, and then what?

There is a lot of measuring going on in mental healthcare, but not enough use is being made of the information from these measurements. This is what Edwin de Beurs concludes in his inaugural lecture ‘Measuring, knowing and then what?' on 27 November. The professor by special appointment of ROM and Benchmarking is campaigning for better use to be made of the results gained from measuring.

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, a Healthy Faculty

The Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences has become a lot healthier, thanks to the first Healthy Faculty event on 29 and 30 October, 2015. Health Psychology master’s students organized workshops for both students and staff. Many of them attended these inspiring workshops and already put the gained knowledge into practice.

Carolien Rieffe appointed Honorary Professor at University College London

Carolien Rieffe is appointed an Honorary Professor at the prestigious UCL Institute of Education, University of London. Rieffe already holds a professorship, Social and Emotional Development, at Developmental Psychology, Leiden University. This new appointment strengthens the existing bond between Leiden University and UCL and provides unique opportunities for collaborative research projects.

Interdisciplinary approach benefits brain research

How do practice and theory reinforce one another in neuroscience? Professor Birte Forstmann’s inaugural lecture on 2 October will be about building interdisciplinary bridges between cognitive neuroscience and cognitive models. Her approach may lead to brain research with fewer side-effects for patients.

First Healthy Faculty event

Are you interested in a healthy lifestyle? Or have you been trying to improve your health-related behaviour for ages? Then we have a great event for you! On Thursday 29 and Friday 30 October the very first edition of Healthy Faculty will take place. Health Psychology master’s students will tell you everything about health-related topics and what you can do to become healthier than ever.  

123 refugees in University Sport Centre

Preparations for receiving 123 refugees in the University Sport Centre have been in full swing for several days. The large sports hall will be transformed into a dormitory, and a living and dining area. There will also be two recreation areas, one for adults and one for children.

2 Veni grants awarded to Leiden Psychology researchers

Two Leiden researchers of the Institute of Psychology have been given the opportunity to realise their research plans for the coming three years thanks to a Veni grant from the Netherlands organisation for scientific research. Hanneke Hendriks is researcher in the field of Social and organisational psychology and Antoinette van Laarhoven in Health and medical psychology.

Crash course on Leiden for foreign students

Around 1,100 foreign students are participating in Orientation Week Leiden. Thanks to the crash course on Leiden student life they quickly become acquainted with their new city and the university. ‘It’s quite peaceful here compared to Seoul.’

'The detective work in my job is fascinating'

Inge Schilperoord, psychology alumna, works as a forensic psychologist in the Pieter Baan Centre, a psychiatric observation clinic. Her recently published debut novel Muidhond about a man struggling with his paedophilic tendencies, has received very positive acclaim.

Pics of the Psychology Science Day 2015

The Psychology Science Day is not only to listen to our students, but also to discuss the research they have set out to conduct. Watch the pics of staff and students with a passion for science on our Leiden Psychology Facebook.

The brain on alert

When focussing attention, the neurotransmitters noradrenaline and acetylcholine play an important role. This new finding made by psychologist Stephen Brown provides clues for further research on how focussed attention comes about. Dissertation defence on 16 June.

Flying start for Athena’s Angels website

On the new website Athena’s Angels, four female Leiden professors address the unequal treatment of women in academia. ‘Since we launched the website, our mailboxes have exploded,’ says Judi Mesman, Professor of Child and Family Studies and one of the initiators.

A PhD from two universities on drug abuse

Stimulating drugs, such as khat and cocaine, have a negative impact on everyday activities such as driving a car and working, as well as on social behaviour. That’s because these drugs seriously damage control centres in a user’s brain. Psychologist Manuel Ruiz’s research aims to increase understanding, and improve treatment, of drug addiction. His PhD defence at both Leiden University and the University of Granada took place on May 12.