Simply the best: Psychology prizes 2012

David Heyne is the winner of  the Casimir Teaching Prize of the faculty! Celebration time for the best Psychology teacher 2012, also supervisor of Anne-Jaan den Besten, winner of the master's thesis award. David Vogelsang will receive his award for the best thesis in the Research master by post at Cambridge University, where he is PhD nowadays. In Leiden, PhD student Gert-Jan Lelieveld writes the best article.

David Heyne: Best teacher

David Heyne

David Heyne

Student member of the Master's Programme Committee (MOC) Marit Timmer get straight to the point. David Heyne is this years winner of the Psychology Education Price. His nomination is what makes him the dreamed candidate; he’s not only nominated by the Institute of Psychology, but also by the study association Labyrint. Because who could possibly be the best judge of whether a teacher is a good teacher? The award is the evidence.
David Heyne, PhD

Anne-Jaan den Besten: Best master’s thesis

Anne-Jaan den Besten

Anne-Jaan den Besten

Enthusiastic applause rises for master student Anne-Jaan den Besten, who is very enthusiastic about the supervision of David Heyne (best teacher). As a student you may think that you have to do it all by yourself. Instead, writing a thesis is not a solitary affair, at least not when David Heyne is your supervisor. When you’re stuck, he is the helping hand to let you finish the job. His supervision may be award winning, but the students’ name is written on the thesis, so is the best master’s thesis award.

David Vogelsang: Best research master’s thesis

Mark de Rooij and Gezinus Wolters

Mark de Rooij and Gezinus Wolters

Having someone else to retrieve your award is not haughty. Being a PhD-student at Cambridge is a proper excuse. The modest David Vogelsang was pleasantly surprised with his award. His supervisor Gezinus Wolters is pleased and proud when he serves as a stand in to retrieve the award for best research master’s thesis from Methods & Techniques teacher Mark de Rooij. De Rooij praises inter alia the level of English of Davids’ thesis. That'll get you somewhere, for example in Cambridge.

Gert-Jan Lelieveld: PhD with best article

Gert-Jan Lelieveld

Gert-Jan Lelieveld

It's a tough field in which PhD students compete for the prize for the best article in an international journal psychology. Competition makes you strong, and Gert-jan Lelieveld appears to be the strongest.
Gert-Jan Lelieveld
Social and Organisational Psychology

The list of nominees makes clear that winning this award was definitely not a piece of cake:

Eventful year

Students, teachers and staff celebrate the party along on December 13th in the FSW café. Director of Research, Michiel Westenberg, noticed that it was an eventful year. Every year is obviously a special year, but this is certainly true for 2012. The review committee assessed the education and this resulted in a good review, which is confirmed by the Selection Guide 2013 (Keuzegids) with a second place. The recruitment for the International Bachelor in Psychology is an important innovation which is mainly due to the efforts of Corry Donner.

Selection Guide 2013

In Rotterdam, the psychology students are most satisfied. The experts are particularly enthusiastic about Leiden and Groningen. Leiden scores, just as Nijmegen and Utrecht did, above average.

(18 January/ Carl Brenninkmeijer, photos Marco den Herder)

Prizewinners 2011

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