Educational Programme

The Clinical Psychology Educational Programme aims to broaden and deepen student's clinical and research knowledge and skills.

Curriculum of the Clinical Master

The Clinical Psychology Master Programme enables students to acquire in depth knowledge of specific forms of psychopathology, practice diagnostic and treatment skills, and independently conduct scientific research.

Bachelor Courses

Clinical Psychology Bachelor Courses introduce students to the diagnosis and treatment of common forms of psychopathology and the basics of scientific research.

Guidance and study support

For guidance on the different aspects of the Clinical Psychology Master curriculum and for study support you may consult the following coordinators

Master Internship

The goal of the practical clinical internship of the Clinical Psychology Master’s (Clinical Master’s Internship) for the student is to have an introduction to the professional activities of psychologists who work in the area of Clinical, Health and Neuro Psychology, whilst under supervision of an experienced psychologist. Hereby, the intern needs to develop a measure of independence, while being supervised, by partaking in professional activities.

Clinical Master Thesis

In the following section, you can read some of basic aspects of writhing your Master Thesis in the Clinical Master Important: please consult this website regularly, since it will frequently be updated and expanded.