Bachelor Courses

Clinical Psychology Bachelor Courses introduce students to the diagnosis and treatment of common forms of psychopathology and the basics of scientific research. At the start of the first year, Personality, Clinical, and Health Psychology unfolds various formulations of the personality concept, including biological/genetical and social/cultural approaches, and their implications for clinical practice. In addition, the characteristics, causes, and treatments of the most common forms of psychopathology are presented.

In the second year, Psychodiagnostics more closely investigates psychodiagnostic processes, tools, and techniques. In addition to plenary lectures, students complete questionnaires, interpret the results, and write a psychodiagnostic report. Stress, Health, and Illness focusses on stress as a prevalent cause as well as symptom of various forms of somatic and psychopathology. Plenary lectures are complemented with a series of seminars, in which students explore the scientific literature to provide answers and solutions to various stress related societal or institutional problems.

In the third year, Psychopathology, Diagnosis and Treatment reviews the diagnosis and treatment of psychotic, depressive, anxiety, somatoform, and personality disorders. These disorders are extensively presented in lectures, case material, and exercises, and students actively debate controversial issues in each domain. Interpersonal Professional Skills trains basic conversational skills, decision making, and leadership and cooperation. Finally, the intensive Bachelor project guides groups of students through a complete empirical research cycle.

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Most information regardig the program can be obtained in the E-Study Guide (in Dutch)

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