Educational Programme

The Clinical Psychology Educational Programme aims to broaden and deepen student's clinical and research knowledge and skills. It does so by offering various bachelor courses and a highly specialized master specialisation.

At bachelor and master level, the Educational Programme incorporates theories and mechanisms of psychopathology, diagnostic and treatment knowledge and skills, and scientific research methods. In each of these domains, the focus gradually evolves from broad and introductory to highly specialized and in depth. The Educational Programme is executed by experienced and qualified clinicians and internationally acclaimed researchers.

Adopting the Scientist Practitioner ideal, the Educational Programme prepares students for a career as a scientifically informed clinical practioner or, alternatively, a scientific researcher in the field of clinical psychology. At the end of the programme students are qualified to apply for further post graduate clinical training or a PhD trajectory.

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For a general description of our bachelor master's curriculum please visit our e-Pospectus.

Last Modified: 26-01-2015