Curriculum of the Clinical Master

The Clinical Psychology Master Programme enables students to acquire in depth knowledge of specific forms of psychopathology, practice diagnostic and treatment skills, and independently conduct scientific research. In addition to the Master Thesis, Master Internship, and Mentorate, a number of highly specialized courses and electives are offered. Completion of the Master Programme prepares students for subsequent post-Master professional programmes, including the PDO training for Gezondheidszorg (GZ) Psycholoog or Psychotherapeut (PT), as well as trajectories towards a further academic degree (PhD).

The General Clinical Master Programme includes 4 mandatory courses (totalling 20 ECTS), a Master Thesis (20 ECTS) and a Master Internship (10-20 ECTS). The mandatory courses are Basic Therapeutic Skills, Clinical Interviewing and Assessment, Cognitive Behavioural Interventions, and Experimental Clinical Psychology. Optionally, elective courses can be taken.

Students wishing to qualify for a Professional Clinical career in the Netherlands  (aim to work as a professional therapist or Health Care Psychologist), should combine this programme with specific electives from within the BA curriculum. More detailed information about this can be found in the chapter on Postmaster Opleiding en Basisaantekening Psychodiagnostiek (in Dutch). 

International students should be aware, that in order to be able to have access to Clinical Practice Master Internship positions in the Netherlands, fluent mastery of the Dutch language is a prerequisite. In case a Clinical Practice Master Internship is preferred, non-Dutch speaking international students are strongly advised to search for internship possibilities in their home country. External supervision of these internships may be provided by the department staff. To those students who do not sufficiently master Dutch and cannot find an internship in their own country, a Clinical Research Internship is an alternative. The latter, however, will not provide qualification for subsequent entrance in post-Master professional programmes, such as the PDO training for Gezondheidszorg (GZ) Psycholoog or Psychotherapeut (PT).

Classes in the Master Programme are conducted in English, making it suitable for international students and a great learning experience for Dutch students. Practice groups in assessment and therapy are conducted both in English and Dutch.

Last Modified: 26-05-2010