Master Internship

The goal of the practical clinical internship of the Clinical Psychology Master’s (Clinical Master’s Internship) is for the student to have an introduction to the professional activities of psychologists who work in the area of Clinical, Health and Neuro Psychology, whilst under supervision of an experienced psychologist. Hereby, the intern needs to develop a measure of independence, while being supervised, by partaking in professional activities.

Formally, in order to obtain the MSc. in Psychology for the Clinical Psychology Master, it is sufficient to perform an internship of 10 ECTS (30 full-working days, or 260 working hours). However, for several post-master vocational trajectories, a longer time-period is required. This generally allows for more time to develop professional skill and some autonomy. A 20 EC Internship period is possible, and compulsory in case of a Clinical Practice Internship. A basic choice has to be made whether follow the General, or the Health Care track within the Clinical Psychology Master:

  • the General Clinical Psychology Master, requires an internship of at least 10 EC (260 hours) and at most 20 EC (520 hours). The internship may either be a Clinical Research Internship, a Psychologist Trainer Internship or a (for international students) a Psychological Coaching Internship. The General Clinical Master track does not qualify for direct entrance in a post-doc Health Care Psychologist in the Netherlands.
  • the Health Care Clinical Psychology Master, requires a 20 EC Clinical Practice Internship (520 hours). This track should be chosen in case one wants to proceed into the Dutch post-master ‘GZ Opleiding’.

Clinical Master’s students who intend to continue their education in order to work in the Dutch Health Care system, should choose a Clinical Practice Internship. Students who prefer the scientific aspects of Clinical Psychology usually have a preference for the Research Internship.

The Clinical Master’s Internship is an intensive learning period and a crucial professional aspect of the program. The form and content can greatly differ from internship to internship. External institution, university and student are expected to form clear agreements concerning supervision and responsibilities.

More detailed information is provided to Master students on the Clinical Master General Blackboard, in which they will be enrolled once they have started their Master trajectory.

Last Modified: 12-06-2014