Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (CERQ)

CERQ is a questionnaire measuring cognitive coping strategies developed by Dr. Nadia Garnefski and Dr. Vivian Kraaij.

About CERQ

The Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (CERQ) is a multidimensional questionnaire constructed in order to identify the cognitive emotion regulation strategies (or cognitive coping strategies) someone uses after having experienced negative events or situations. Contrary to other coping questionnaires that do not explicitly differentiate between an individual's thoughts and his or her actual actions, the present questionnaire refers exclusively to an individual's thoughts after having experienced a negative event.

The CERQ is a very easy to administer, self-report questionnaire consisting of 36 items. The questionnaire has been constructed both on a theoretical and empirical basis and measures nine different cognitive coping strategies. The CERQ makes it possible to identify individual cognitive strategies and compare them to norm scores from various population groups. In addition, the questionnaire offers the opportunity to investigate relationships between the use of specific cognitive coping strategies,  personality variables, psychopathology and other problems.

The CERQ can be administered in normal populations and clinical populations, in different agegroups. The CERQ can be used to measure someone's general cognitive style as well as someone's cognitive strategy after having experienced a specific event. Separate versions for adults, adolescents and children as well as a short 18-item version have been developed. All of these versions are available in Dutch and English. The CERQ can be used for research and diagnostic purposes.

CERQ for research purposes

You are welcome to use the CERQ for free for research purposes. In case you decide to use our questionnaire, we do however ask you to fill out and send back to us a form concerning a request for the use of the CERQ. This request form can be downloaded from the present site. By signing and sending back this form, the university/research institute to which you belong obtains permission of the authors to make reprints of the CERQ for use in the present research project. Therefore, a kind request to send back to us this request form, in case you are going to use the CERQ.

Collecting the request forms is important for us. In the first place, it has an administrational purpose. We like to know were and by whom our questionnaire is currently being used. It informs us about the countries in which the CERQ is being used and about the languages into which the CERQ has been translated. We would like to include different language versions of the CERQ on this website (perhaps also your version, if you would appreciate that). To be able to do this and to make this website as informative as possible, we need your cooperation!! And perhaps you an we find some opportunity for collaboration on the basis of our common research interests in the future!

In case you will decide to use our questionnaire, it is important to make a decision whether you will use the CERQ as a general coping style questionnaire (by asking how people in general cope with their stress) or as a specific coping strategy questionnaire (for example by asking how people cope with the fact they have experienced a specific stressful life event). The CERQ can be used in both ways. In the latter case, of course, the instruction has to be adapted.

CERQ for diagnostic purposes

CERQ can very well be used for individual diagnostic purposes, by assessing to what extent someone deviates from his or her norm group regarding the use of nine specific cognitive coping strategies, in order to find targets for intervention.

There are, however, costs involved for using the CERQ for diagnostic purposes. For questions about the use of the CERQ for diagnostic purposes and costs that are involved we like to refer you to the publisher of our test, Datec Psychological Tests in the Netherlands for the Dutch Datec site and for the English Datec site. Datec provides a simple to use but full featured computer program, Datec Score Manager. Using Datec Score Manager, tests and test batteries can be taken online at the computer, or using paper & pencil and scored with the rapid P&P module. The program creates comprehensive textual reports that can be edited in Microsoft Word. You can contact Datec for a demo version.


Dr. Nadia Garnefski and Dr. Vivian Kraaij

Last Modified: 15-09-2017