Labyrint is the study association for psychology students in Leiden. Labyrint organises activities, runs a study book store and publishes the 'Sofa' magazine.

Labyrint is the only study association for psychology students in Leiden. Labyrint, which momentarily counts nearly 2500 members, was founded after a fusion on June 30th 1994. Apart from organizing various study-related activities, Labyrint was also created to increase social contact between psychology students. Additionally, Labyrint sells psychology study books for all years of the Bachelor programme and the mandatory courses of the Master programme.


Labyrint organizes many activities for its members, such as:

  • An AllYearsWeekend ("AJW" in Dutch): a weekend citytrip for members of all years. In 2009 the AJW went to Strasbourg, France;
  • Weekly social drinks in Odessa for all members and parties once every two months. The parties are open to all students and are very well attended;
  • An annual Convention ("Congres" in Dutch), centered around a different theme each year;
  • An excursion, talentshow and playbackshow;
  • An exchange or visit to a foreign university;
  • A FirstYearsWeekend ("EJW" in Dutch): a weekend for freshmen to get to know each other;
  • Movie nights, guest lectures, workshops;
  • An annual PTP Convention ("PTP Congres" in Dutch), which deals with the various master specializations and fields you can get involved in after earning a Psychology degree;
  • An annual week trip ("Reis" in Dutch). In the previous years we've visited Rome, Lisbon and Istanbul.
For more information about the committees facilitating all these activities, please check the 'committees' pages on the Labyrint website.

Contact information

Phone: 071 527 36 18
Website: Labyrint

Last Modified: 17-02-2014