Master Internship

Internships in principle involve participating in all aspects of a research project, ranging from the development of the research question to the writing a scientific paper, and have a duration of at least half a year on a fulltime basis. Internships can be at our own unit (participating in a research project of a staff member of the Cognitive Psychology Unit) or at units or research institutions elsewhere in the Netherlands or abroad.

For internships outside our university, students are advised to contact one or more staff members that are specialized in the topic(s) of their interest. Staff members can advise you in selecting a topic, an institution and a supervisor in the Netherlands or abroad. To get an impression of the many possibilities (e.g., TNO-TM, TNO-Arbeid, SWOV, NSCR, NLR and universities in Europe, the United States and Australia) please consult the internship reports available at our secretariat (room 2B07). Although not particularly recommended, in certain situations an internship and master thesis can be combined.

Coordinator: Drs. W. L. G. Verschuur   


Last Modified: 02-09-2014