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June 25 Moritz Daum, Universität Zürich. Check regularly the agenda with discussion meetings for students and staff of the Institute of Psychology on a broad range of psychology topics.


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The science-practitioner gap manifests itself in a host of fields in clinical psychology, social work, counseling, and psychiatry. The LINC colloquium series aims to bridge the science-practitioner gap by stimulating exchange and collaboration on recent topics in science and practice.
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Developmental and educational psychology

'The neurocognitive development of social- and economic decision-making, overcoming emotional egocentricity and social emotions' by dr. Nikolaus Steinbeis on Tuesday June 17 at 12-13pm.

Nikolaus Steinbeis is a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig within the Department of Social Neuroscience. Below you can find an overview of his academic background and research interests, as well as a short summary for his talk.

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In this talk I will present findings from three of my major research strands. The first part will focus on the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying the development of decision-making in social and economic settings. Using paradigms derived from economic-game theory, I will show that the development of both prosocial behavior and the ability to delay gratification depends on the increased ability to exert behavioural control in the moment of making a decision and the concurrent maturation of associated neural pathways such as the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC). In the second part I will explore the development of overcoming egocentric tendencies when making judgments of others’ emotional states. I will present a series of newly developed paradigms suited to studying emotional egocentricity over a range of domains (i.e. touch, reward, and taste). I will show that the recruitment of right supramarginal gyrus is crucial for overcoming emotional egocentricity bias in adults, that its reduced activation explains increased egocentricity in children and that in Asperger patients this ability remains intact. Finally, I will explore the development of social emotions such as envy and Schadenfreude in ontogeny and compare this to their emergence in our closest living relatives, the chimpanzee. I will close with a discussion of the role of domain-general processes in the development of social behavior and an outlook on my future research agenda.

Academic background
I obtained my Bachelor in Psychology from University College London in 2001 and my Master in Music Psychology from Keele University in 2004. I then embarked on a 3-year PhD on the neuroscience of music and joined the group of Tania Singer in 2008 to investigate the neurocognitive development of social- and affective processes. My interests have centered on exploring the developmental mechanisms underlying changes in socio-affective abilities such as empathy, theory of mind, social decisions, such as giving and helping, and emotional reactivity and regulation in social settings. When it is considered relevant I let neuroscientific techniques inform my approach. Based on my attempts to uncover key developmental mechanisms my next step is to devise interventions targeting these mechanisms with view to improving socio-affective abilities, social behavior and also school performance.

25 June: Cognitive Psychology and LIBC

Moritz Daum, Universität Zürich

A serie of colloquia presented by staff and guests of Cognitive Psychology, organised in coöperation with the Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition (LIBC).
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The colloquia are organised for people with a basic knowlegde of Cognitive Psychology and the brain. Admission is free.

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