Honours class 'Maximizing Human Potential'

All top students in their Bachelor third year are invited to apply for the interfacultary Honours class 'Maximizing Human Potential'. The deadline for admission is 13 December 2010.

Maximum of 15 selected top students

Grade point average above 7.5
From February to June 2011, an interfacultay series of honours seminars will take place with the overarching theme 'Maximizing Human Potential'. In this series, a maximum of 15 selected top students can participate. You are supposed to be a third year bachelor student studying without delay and with a grade point average above 7.5. 

Or good motivation
Students who do not fulfill these criteria can also apply if they can motivate their participation based on other merits, but they have a smaller chance to be admitted.

Deadline for admission
13 December 2010

Nine seminars by international experts

By applying all available knowledge, human achievements can be improved again and again. Achievements in music, arts, sports, science and daily life continuously rise with the help of diets, training, healthcare etc. Which techniques are effective in enhancing the human (brain) potential? Which are safe and acceptable? Will the future bring us smart drugs, infant education, or the implementation of microchips in brains? Is it warranted if health insurances, employers or policy makers impose enhancement techniques on people?

Students follow nine seminars by international experts and use the presented literature for interviews and to write essays with interdisciplinary views on 'Maximizing Human Potential'.

Last Modified: 13-12-2010