The E-Primer

Leiden University Press recently published the first introduction book to E-Prime. E-Prime is a software package frequently used for designing, developing and running custom psychological experiments. Aimed at students and researchers alike, The E-Primer provides a much needed, down-to-earth introduction into a wide range of experiments that can be set up using E-Prime.

Many tutorials are provided to teach the reader how to develop experiments typical for the broad fields of psychological and cognitive science. Apart from explaining the basic structure of E-Prime and describing how it fits into daily scientific practice, this book also offers an introduction into programming using E-Prime’s own E-Basic language. The authors guide the readers step-by-step through the software, from an elementary to an advanced level, enabling them to benefit from the enormous possibilities for experimental design offered by E-Prime.

Spapé M.M., Verdonschot, R.G., Van Dantzig, S., & van Steenbergen, H. (2014) The E-Primer: An introduction to creating psychological experiments in E-Prime. Leiden University Press


The book can be ordered at the local bookshops in Leiden. Also available on

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