Psychology Research Ethics Committee

The Psychology Research Ethics Committee considers applications for ethical approval for research conducted within the Institute of Psychology. All studies and experiments conducted in psychology first must obtain ethical approval in order to protect participants' interests.

Chairman Bernet Elzinga

Chairman Bernet Elzinga


1) Not all research can be evaluated by the Psychology Research Ethics Committee (CEP). Research with human subjects must undergo a medical ethical review if it falls under the Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act (WMO). See guidelines and WMO website.

2) For research falling under the reach of the CEP, please submit an application.
Applications can only be submitted by a person holding a Ph.D.

3) The CEP evaluates all research proposals as soon as possible but no later than four weeks.

4) Only after approval, the research can be conducted. Please take this into account when an application is submitted.

Application form

You can download the application form and submit it via the SharePoint of the CEP. See the manual for more information.

Complaint procedure

In case of complaints regarding any aspect of being included or excluded in a study that has been reviewed by the CEP, participants can contact the chair of the CEP: Prof. dr. B.M. Elzinga at

Extra guidelines


Psychology Research Ethics Committee
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