Internships & theses

See the contact details for our internship and thesis coordinators.


For consultation about your study programme and progress you may contact:

For Dutch students
Dr. Harrie Boelens |

For international students

Dr. David Heyne |


The internship coordinator provides information about the internship procedure and possibilities. She supervises interns and maintains contact with the various institutions and organizations offering internship placements. Upon the completion of an internship, the internship coordinator assesses the internship together with the organisations offering the placement. She also coordinates and supervises the 'BasisAantekeningPsychoDiagnostiek' (BAPD).

Erica Bohnen | E-mail Internship


For all information about the Master's thesis Child & Adolescent Psychology you may contact the thesis coordinator. However, it is advisable to first look for information on the Blackboard.

Dr. Harrie Boelens |

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