First Healthy Faculty event

Are you interested in a healthy lifestyle? Or have you been trying to improve your health-related behaviour for ages? Then we have a great event for you! On Thursday 29 and Friday 30 October the very first edition of Healthy Faculty will take place. Health Psychology master’s students will tell you everything about health-related topics and what you can do to become healthier than ever.  

Inspiring mini workshops

Health is so much more than now and then eating an apple or going to the gym once a week (or, in this time of year, not having the flu). Body and mind aren’t two separate things, and for health we need both. Being healthy includes healthy eating habits, exercise, being happy, in short: taking care of your body. With this in mind the Health Psychology students have created several inspiring workshops. We want to keep it a bit of a secret, but their slogans already give a hint.

  • Take your steps towards a healthy life
  • An X Through Candy
  • Life is so good with daily 200 grams of fruit
  • Let’s talk about stress!
  • Breakfast in the morning is a day without worrying!
  • Be wise, let’s exercise!
  • Stand up against sitting!
  • Stressed out? Stress out!
  • Protect your ears, if you want to hear!
  • Don't just sit, get up and be fit!
  • It took us million years to stand up. Why sit down now?
  • Worry less, limit stress!

The mini-workshops will take place at 12.15 hrs and at 13.15 hrs and will last approximately 30 minutes. You can find the programme below. Be aware that in all these workshops some extent of participation is required! And there is more. Let’s say it will be very difficult not to notice there is something going on during the Healthy Faculty days.


The Healthy Faculty programme:

Those workshops marked (staff) are only for staff, all other workshops are for both students and staff. You can also download the programme.


Of course you are! If you’d like to attend on or more of the inspiring workshops, you can go to the above-mentioned room at the above-mentioned time. If you have any questions, students will be happy to answer them.

For more information, you can contact Dr. Winnie Gebhardt.

We hope to see you on 29 and 30 October!

Last Modified: 22-10-2015