Research School: IOPS

The Interuniversity Graduate School of Psychometrics and Sociometrics (IOPS) was officially founded on June 24th, 1987 as an institute for the advanced dissertation training in psychometrics and sociometrics; it also coordinates the high-quality research in this area. The institute received a starting subsidy of the Ministry of Education for a period of five years.

In 1994, IOPS was officially recognized by the KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) as a Graduate School ('onderzoekschool'), and this recognition was prolonged in June, 1999, and in June 2004.

In this graduate school participate: University of Amsterdam, VU University Amsterdam, University of Twente, University of Groningen, Leiden University, Utrecht University, Tilburg University, and Catholic University of Louvain (K.U.Leuven).

More information can be found at the IOPS website

Last Modified: 17-04-2007