Research grant for combining volunteer aid with a paid job

How to combine volunteer aid with a paid job? Organisational psychologist dr. Edwin Boezeman will study the effect of combining with a grant for a two year project which is financed by the Institute GAK. Goal of the project is to develop and evaluate an E-selfhelp course.

Lowered work participation and absence at work by volunteer aid stress

In the Netherlands 750.000 people with a paid job have to combine their work with volunteer aid. Volunteer aid involves informal and unpaid care for family or friends who need it. Providing volunteer aid in addition to a paid job is difficult and goes hand in hand with psychological and physical stress. For people with a paid job volunteer aid stress is often associated with lowered work participation and absence at work.

E-selfhelp course

Boezeman has now received a grant for a two-year project about volunteer aid and paid jobs. The project is financed by the Institute GAK. The goal of the project is to develop and evaluate an E-selfhelp course where people who combine a paid job with volunteer aid can reduce and prevent stress and related problems at work.

Expert in volunteer management

Boezeman obtained his doctorate, supervised by Prof. dr. Naomi Ellemers (Social and Organisational Psychology). Before his dissertation he studied volunteer management. With his subsidy Boezeman can continue his work at the Coronel Institute for Work and Health at the Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam University. He is also working at the Social and Organisational Psychology Department of Leiden University.

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Last Modified: 10-10-2014