Life Time Achievement Award for Riel Vermunt

Social psychologist Riel Vermunt has been awarded the International Society for Justice Research Life Time Achievement Award. This award has been given to Vermunt in recognition of the many contributions to the advancement of justice research.

Mentoring of new generations

This award was a special praise of Vermunt's critical role in the formation of the International Society for Justice Research (ISJR) and his long and valuable commitment to the society. Furthermore, his mentoring of new generations of justice researchers, as well as his numerous and varied research contributions.

Presentation June 2014
The award will be formally presented at the Biennial Conference of the International Society for Justice Research to be held in June 2014 at the New York University.

The Life Time Achievement Award is presented bi-annually to honour distinguished life-time contributions to the scientific study of justice and for efforts to advance justice as a field of study.

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Last Modified: 12-11-2013