Institute of Psychology Awards 2014

Bruno Bocanegra is the lecturer of the year 2014. Manon Schutter and Mara van der Meulen write the best master's theses. Rudy van den Brink receives the PhD Award. Jiska Peper: Leiden Psychology Blog Award.

Best Psychology lecturer 2014: Bruno Bocanegra

To all of the students and members of the staff, with and without award: the best wishes for 2015!

And now let's have a look at our award winners of 2014, starting with Bruno Bocanegra (Cognitive Psychology), our best Psychology lecturer of the year 2014.

Best Master's thesis: Manon Schutter

Manon Schutter (Economic and Consumer Psychology) is proud of her Master's Thesis Award.

PhD Award: Rudy van den Brink

Rudy van den Brink (Cognitive Psychology) talks on video about the PhD Award for the best article in an international scientific journal.

Best Research Master's thesis: Mara van der Meulen

Wilma Resing hands over the Research Master's Thesis Award to Kiki Zanolie, supervisor of Mara van der Meulen (Developmental and educational psychology, not in picture).

Leiden Psychology Blog Award: Jiska Peper

Barbara Braams, last year's winner of the Leiden Psychology Blog Award gives a speech to honour the 2014 winner for the blog with the most views: >22,000:
Jiska Peper (Developmental and educational psychology) (not in picture)

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