2 Veni grants awarded to Leiden Psychology researchers

Two Leiden researchers of the Institute of Psychology have been given the opportunity to realise their research plans for the coming three years thanks to a Veni grant from the Netherlands organisation for scientific research. Hanneke Hendriks is researcher in the field of Social and organisational psychology and Antoinette van Laarhoven in Health and medical psychology.

Flying start for Athena’s Angels website

On the new website Athena’s Angels, four female Leiden professors address the unequal treatment of women in academia. ‘Since we launched the website, our mailboxes have exploded,’ says Judi Mesman, Professor of Child and Family Studies and one of the initiators.

Outstanding Dissertation Award to psychologist Hanneke Hendriks

Interpersonal communication plays a vital role for the prediction of health behaviours and health campaign effects. That's the way Social and Organisational Psychologist Hanneke Hendriks put it in her dissertation. Hendriks has been awarded the Outstanding Dissertation Award of the International Communication Association.

Achieving cognitive closure about CO2 storage

On January 21, 2015 Charlotte Koot will defend her PhD thesis entitled "Making up your mind about a complex technology: An investigation into factors that help or hinder the achievement of cognitive closure about CCS" at Leiden University.

The role of regulatory focus on performance in organizations

What motivates people, and when do they perform optimally at work? Dagmar Beudeker approached these two questions during her doctoral research from the perspective of the Regulatory Focus Theory. Her research shows that performance in organizations is dependent on a person’s and a leader’s regulatory focus. She will defend her dissertation on January 15.

Alumni and Career Day ECP VI, November 21 2014 in room 1A20

The Economic and Consumer Psychology (ECP) master specialization at Leiden University organizes its sixth official Alumni and Career Day. On this day alumni of the ECP master program can meet both their fellow graduates and the current students of the program to share experiences after graduation. This will increase ECP graduates and students network, and provide insights into the job perspectives for ECP graduates and the latest developments in Economic Psychology and Consumer Behavior. We hope that you are able to join us on this day.

Research grant for combining volunteer aid with a paid job

How to combine volunteer aid with a paid job? Organisational psychologist dr. Edwin Boezeman will study the effect of combining with a grant for a two year project which is financed by the Institute GAK. Goal of the project is to develop and evaluate an E-selfhelp course.

Career & Alumni meeting Social and Organizational Psychology

All master students Social and Organizational Psychology are invited to attend the next Career & Alumni meeting of Social and Organizational Psychology, which will be held on  Friday 31st October from  15:00 - 18:00  in room  SB45 . Three SOP alumni, in various stages of their career, will talk about their current work and the development of their career since graduating from this university.

Schadenfreude: Understanding Pleasure at the Misfortune of Others

Leiden psychologist Wilco van Dijk and communication scientist Jaap Ouwerkerk of VU University Amsterdam published a book about the emotion Schadenfreude. The authors describe what the emotion Schadenfreude really is, when people experience the emotion, and what role it plays in social relations.

Naomi Ellemers elected to British Academy

Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology Naomi Ellemers has been elected to the British Academy for the Humanities and the Social Sciences as Corresponding Fellow. Ellemers: 'It’s a real honour, and I’m very pleased.'

The role of insults in an honour culture

People from an ‘honour culture’ often respond more aggressively to insults and provocations than those from a ‘dignity culture’. Saïd Shafa examined the underlying mechanisms and discovered how such responses can be avoided. PhD Defence 26 June.

Persuasive communication has pitfalls

Industrial organisations often use communication to convince the public of their good intentions concerning the environment, writes organisational psychologist Gerdien de Vries in her dissertation. But this strategy has some pitfalls. Dissertation defence on 18 June.

Life Time Achievement Award for Riel Vermunt

Social psychologist Riel Vermunt has been awarded the International Society for Justice Research Life Time Achievement Award. This award has been given to Vermunt in recognition of the many contributions to the advancement of justice research.

Social equality as a moral ideal

How do you motivate people to strive for equal opportunities? According to social psychologist Serena Does, by appealing to their sense of morality. PhD defence 14 May.