Romy van der Lee PhD

  • Postdoctoral research fellow
  • Group processes and intergroup relations
  • Social identity
  • Moralilty
  • Motivation and social psychofysiology
  • Discrimination
  • Gender

Telephone number: +31 (0)71 527 2727
Faculty / Department: Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen, Instituut Psychologie, Sociale en Organisatiepsychologie
Office Address: Pieter de la Court gebouw
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden

Romy van der Lee graduated in 2007 (cum laude) from the Research Master’s program in Social Psychology at VU University Amsterdam. After graduating, she has worked as a teacher in Psychology and Communication Science at VU University Amsterdam. In 2008 she started as a graduate student at the department of Social and Organization Psychology at Leiden University. In collaboration with Prof. dr. Naomi Ellemers and Dr. Daan Scheepers, she investigated how morality judgments impact on group members’ striving to be a ‘good’ group member or to be associated with a group in which others are ‘good’. In June 2013, she successfully defended her dissertation titled “Moral Motivation within Groups”. Romy currently works as a postdoctoral researcher on a project about the opportunities for women in science, focussing on successful grant applications.


Romy’s research interests concern the motivational aspects and implications of group processes and intergroup relations. In her research, she focuses on the role of morality in such processes. By adopting a social identity approach, Romy examines how intragroup judgments about morality impact on group members’ motivational responses in terms of their striving to behave in ways that are considered ‘good’. In addition, Romy is interested in gender discrimination. Her current research examines the opportunities for women to have a career in science, by focusing on gender discrimination in successful grant applications. In her research, Romy uses questionnaires, behavioral measures, and psychophysiological measures, such as cardiovascular reactivity.  


  • Supervisor Master Thesis (Master program S&O Psychology)
  • Supervisor Bachelor Thesis (Bachelor program Psychology)
  • Evaluation & Influence– Stereotyping (Bachelor program Psychology)
  • Social Psychology of Organisational Behavior (Master program S&O Psychology)
  • Tutor Academic Skills (Bachelor program Psychology)

Membership in Professional Organizations

  • Kurt Lewin Instituut (KLI)
  • Associatie van Sociaal-Psychologische Onderzoekers (ASPO)
  • European Association of Social Psychology (EASP)
  • Society of Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP)  

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