Stephen Brown, PhD

  • Postdoctoral researcher
  • Locus coeruleus
  • Noradrenaline
  • Temporal attention
  • Uncertainty processing
  • Electroencephalography

Telephone number: +31 (0)71 527 2727
Faculty / Department: Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen, Instituut Psychologie, Gezondheids, Medische- Neuropsychologie
Office Address: Pieter de la Court gebouw
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden

I obtained a Master’s degree in developmental and cognitive psychology from the University of Amsterdam and then wrote a doctoral dissertation on the involvement of the locus coeruleus-noradrelanine system in temporal attention and uncertainty processing under supervision of prof.dr. Sander Nieuwenhuis at the Cognitive Psychology unit of Leiden University. I am currently engaged in postdoctoral research under supervision of dr. Jos Brosschot; I am currently studying heart rate variability as an indicator of psychological stress.


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Jepma, M., Murphy, P., Nassar, M.R., Brown, S.B.R.E., van den Maagdenberg, A.M, Koelewijn, S.C., de Vries, B., Rangel-Gomez, M., Meeter, M., & Nieuwenhuis, S. (in preparation). Noradrenergic regulation of learning rate in a dynamic environment.

Naber, M., Brown, S.B.R.E., Vedder, A., & Nieuwenhuis, S. (submitted). Speed and lateral inhibition of stimulus processing contribute to individual differences in Stroop-task performance.

Brown, S.B.R.E., Slagter, H.A., van Noorden, M.S., Giltay, E.J., van der Wee, N.J.A., & Nieuwenhuis, S. (in press). Effects of clonidine and scopolamine on multiple target detection in rapid serial visual presentation.

de Rover, M., Brown, S.B.R.E., Band, G.P.H., Giltay, E.J., van Noorden, M.S., van der Wee, N.J.A., & Nieuwenhuis, S. (in press). Beta receptormediated modulation of the oddball P3 but not error-related ERP components in humans. Psychopharmacology.

Brown, S.B.R.E., van Noorden, M. S., Giltay, E. J., & van der Wee, N.J.A. (2015). Noradrenergic and cholinergic effects on speed and sensitivity measures of phasic alerting. Behavioral Neuroscience, 129, 42-49.

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Brown, S.B.R.E., & Ridderinkhof, K. R. (2009). Aging and the neuroeconomics of decision-making: A review. Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience, 9, 365-379.

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