Bregtje Gunther Moor PhD

  • Assistant Professor
  • Experimental psychopathology
  • Healthcare psychologist
  • Social affective (developmental) neuroscience
  • Social rejection


Bregtje Gunther Moor is an assistant professor at the Clinical Psychology Department. She obtained her PhD in 2011 at the University of Amsterdam, under supervision of Prof. Maurits van der Molen and Prof. Eveline Crone. The main aim of her doctoral research was to gain insight in the neurobiological mechanisms underlying the heightened emotional sensitivity to peer rejection during adolescence. She also worked as a post-doc at the University of Amsterdam on a project exploring the neurobiological correlates of attachment relationships. In 2015 she finished the postmaster education program for mental health care psychologist. During her clinical training she worked in diverse mental health care settings (both ambulant and clinical care).

Curriculum Vitae

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Currently, Bregtje is interested in the impact of social connectedness on mental wellbeing. A lack of social connectedness creates a risk to mental distress. More specifically, she is interested in the buffering hypothesis of social support on stress responses. Her research combines behavioral, psychophysiological and neuroimaging methods. In addition, she aims to conduct clinically relevant research that could further enhance our understanding of mental health disorders and to inform their treatment and prevention.


Health psychologist (GZ-psycholoog)

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