Herman Steensma, PhD

  • Associate Professor
  • Quality of Working Life
  • Leadership and Management
  • Organizational Change
  • Aggression in the Workplace
  • Social Justice

Telephone number: +31 (0)71 527 3713
E-Mail: steensma@fsw.leidenuniv.nl
Faculty / Department: Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen, Instituut Psychologie, Sociale en Organisatiepsychologie
Office Address: Pieter de la Court gebouw
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
Room number 2A20

Herman Steensma, PhD, is an associate professor of social and organizational psychology at Leiden University, the Netherlands. He also has worked at several other universities and research institutes, and he was a visiting professor at Université Dauphine (Paris) and at the University of Amsterdam. Moreover, he is working as a management consultant.

Prof. Steensma was a co-initiator of the first biennial conference on Social Justice Research in the mid-1980s, and he was one of the founders of the Leiden Center  for Social Justice Research (with Vermunt). He also co-founded the Dutch Association of Explanatory Sociology; the Association of Social & Organizational Psychology students and alumni; an interdisciplinary network of consultants and researchers specialized in aggression in the workplace; and, with Vermunt, the Journal Gedrag & Organisatie. 

Dr. Steensma’s  research interests include social justice, leadership and management, occupational health, organizational change, quality of working life, job satisfaction and work motivation, total quality management, complex decision- making  processes, group dynamics, and aggression in the workplace.  He has published extensively on these topics, both in scientific and professional journal articles and in books.

Herman Steensma has directed over 360 master’s theses. He created/developed 27 courses, and organized 39 (inter)national conferences and symposia. 

Articles written by Herman Steensma (et al.) have been published in 41 scientific and professional journals:

International journals:

  • Applied Psychology: An International Review.
  • Concepts and Transformation, International Journal of Action Research and Organizational Renewal.
  • Creativity and Innovation Management.
  • European Journal of Social Psychology.
  • European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.
  • International Journal of Psychology.
  • International Quarterly of Community Health Education.
  • Janus-Forschung.
  • Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.
  • Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Journal of Collective Negotiations in the Public Sector.
  • Journal of Individual Employment Rights.
  • Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.
  • Journal of Organizational Behavior.
  • Psychological Reports.
  • Social Justice Research.
  • Total Quality Management.

National journals:
  • A + O Magazine.
  • Arbeidsomstandigheden.
  • B en M,Tijdschrift voor  beleid, politiek, en maatschappij.
  • Develop, Kwartaaltijdschrift over Human Resources Development.
  • Directiezaken, Tijdschrift voordirecteuren en hun adviseurs.
  • Gedrag.
  • Gedrag en Organisatie.
  • Gids voor Personeelsmanagement.
  • GSD – Panel.
  • HRM – Actueel.
  • In-,Door-, Uitstroom, Tijdschrift voor P&O - managers en adviseurs.
  • Intermediair.
  • Leiderschap in Zorg.
  • Manager’s Clout.
  • MAO, Maandblad Arbeidsomstandigheden.
  • Mens en Maatschappij.
  • M & O, tijdschrift voor organisatiekunde en sociaal beleid.
  • Nederlands Tijdschrift voor de Psychologie.
  • Personeelbeleid, Magazine voor Human Resource Management.
  • De Psycholoog.
  • Sigma, vaktijdschrift voor Integrale Kwaliteitszorg (renamed: Sigma, tijdschrift voor excellent ondernemen).
  • Sociaal Bestek, tijdschrift voor werk, inkomen en zorg.
  • Tijdschrift voor Criminologie.
  • Tijdschrift voor toegepaste Arbowetenschap.

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