Recruiting participants

To recrute participants for your research, you can publish an advertisement on the Leiden University Research Participation website. For this you need an account. On this page you can find the steps on how to start an experiment.

To keep track of our participants, we use an online experiment registration system. This system has three types of accounts.

Researcher accounts
Allows you to create and manage studies. You have the option of: 

  1. Bachelor thesis, researcher account for one study.
  2. Master thesis thesis, researcher account for one study (see diagram: 1). Standard for bachelorprojects.
  3. Researcher account account for multiple studies*.

*NB: Researcher accounts are only for employees within the Institute of Psychology or the Institute of Education and Child Studies. All correspondence uses the e-mailadres of your researcher account. If this is an issue, use a single researcher account per study.

Allows you to advertise your studies to participants.

Principal Investigor accounts(supervisor)
Allows supervisors access to the studies they supervise. These accounts are issued automatically. 

Applying for an account

It is advised to request your account 1 or 2 weeks before the start of your study. You can apply for a researchers account by e-mailing Use "Research Account Sona" as the subject of the e-mail and provide us with the following informaton:

First name and surname:


  1. Request a researcher account.
  2. You will receive a mail with your login details.
  3. Download the researcher's manual (in Dutch).
  4. Go to Leiden University Research Participation 
  5. Log in with the provided account details.
  6. Create a new study, according to the guidelines.
  7. At the end of your study, deactivate your study.


E-mail questions to the system manager

Yvonne Bos

Institute of Psychology
Faculty of Behavioural Sciences
Leiden University

Last Modified: 23-01-2017