Student platform SPS-NIP

The SPS-NIP is the student platform of the Dutch Psychologists Association (NIP).

The Dutch Psychologists Association (DPA) is the national organisation of the Netherlands. The Psychology Students Section, or SPS, is a large section and acts as an intermediate between the DPA representing the professional field and the students. Membership provides you with valuable resources and benefits which enhance your career and connects you to a large network of psychologists. SPS-NIP also works in close relation to the European Federation of Psychology Student Association (EFPSA) which also facilitates international student exchange programmes and organises an annual meeting for psychology students from all over Europe.

Become a member

Benefits for SPS-NIP members:
- Make use of our network of professional advisors and experienced psychologists, who can tell you all about your future workfield.
- Gain international contacts through our connection with the European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA) with opportunities to join international congresses and summer schools.
- Attend our activities and excursions for free.
- Get a discount on your entry fee for the National Psychology Congress.
- Meet fellow psychology students and develop an international network.  

Board 2016-2017

  • Fenna Mensonides (President)
  • Floortje de Koning (Secretary)
  • Charlotte de Vries (Treasurer)
  • Manel Sedra (Pr Intern)
  • Minke Krapels (Pr Extern)

Last Modified: 30-03-2017