Bachelor's students

Request permission to take electives (in uSis)

If you would like to use courses given from another programme toward your 30ec of elective requirement you must always request permission in uSis to do so. This request must be completed at least three weeks before the course begins so that you will know if the request is approved before the start of the course. 

Bachelor's Programme Committee

The Bachelor's Programme Committee acts as advisor to the Board of Education. In other to ensure a broad basis for advice, the Committee includes 6 students, in addition to one lecturer for each section.

Study association Labyrint

Labyrint is the study association for Leiden Psychology students. Apart from organising various study-related activities, Labyrint also offers the opportunity to increase social contacts between psychology students. Also worth mentioning: the online bookshop and Sofa magazine.

The IBP team

The IBP Team consists Jennifer Martin IBP study adviser and Neil Schön, student ambassador for IBP.

Take part in an experiment

Are you lacking credits for the first-year ‘Academic Skills Tutorial’ course unit? Or would you like to earn some extra money and take part in a research project? If so, you can sign up to participate in an experiment.

Honours Programme

In addition to our standard educational programmes, Leiden University offers extra opportunities, extracurricular, to small groups of students whose performance is excellent and whose abilities and wishes go beyond the standard programmes.


Part of our student support system is taken care of by the POPcorner. During your study you can rely on all kinds of support facilities, housed in your faculty building.