uMail, uSis and Blackboard

Information on communication systems used at Leiden University.

uMail is your university e-mail box through which notifications from the Institute of Psychology and other university services are sent. This uMail account is linked to the university’s student administration system. This means that all official e-mails go to this address. You will have to read your uMail on a regular basis or forward to another e-mail address.


uSis is the system used at Leiden University for the registration of courses and exams. It's a self-service system where you can:  

  • look at your results
  • modify your address
  • register yourself for courses, workgroups and exams


Via Blackboard, Leiden University students have online access to the course materials placed in the Blackboard modules by tutors. Blackboard further enables the exchange of messages and documents between tutors and students, and among students themselves. As a student, you will frequently use Blackboard. You can log on with your U-account. 


The e-Prospectus provides information on every year of your bachelor's programme in Psychology as well as detailed course descriptions. Above that, you'll find links to the timetables.
e-Prospectus - International Bachelor in Psychology (IBP)

Computer Facilities

In the Pieter de la Court Building there are computers available on the first floor, in the basement and in the halls on the first, second, third and fourth floor. Every student has personal space on the network of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. This means that you can save documents on every computer within the building and re-open and edit them from any other computer.

Last Modified: 02-03-2017