Bachelor's Programme Committee

The Bachelor's Programme Committee acts as advisor to the Board of Education. In other to ensure a broad basis for advice, the Committee includes 6 students, in addition to one lecturer for each section.

The Bachelor's Programme Committee is responsible for the constant process of adjusting and modifying the education programme, for instance, by means of education evaluations, both small-scale and large-scale. The Committee is concerned with possible overlap between courses, whether courses follow up on each other, the exact formulation of regulations for teaching and examinations, etc. Students are encouraged to participate as much as possible in the resulting reorganisations of education.


The BPC meets once a month. The sessions are open to the public. Students contribute to the BPC's activities through regular written education evaluations and evaluation panels. In addition, students can always approach members of the BPC with remarks concerning the programme.

Staff Representatives

  • Mw. Dr. E.R.A. de Bruijn (Ellen), chair
  • Dr. P. de Heus (Peter) - Methodology and Statistics in Psychology 
  • Dr. M.J.W. van der Molen (Melle) - Child and Adolescent Psychology
  • Dr. B. Bocanegra (Bruno) - Cognitive Psychology
  • Dr. E. de Kwaadsteniet (Erik), Social and Organisational Psychology
  • Mw. Dr. R.S. Schaefer (Rebecca), Health, Medical and Neuropsychology
  • Mw. J. Mouthaan (Joanne), Clinical Psychology

Student Representatives 2016-2017

  • 1st year, Jim Ribbers
  • 2nd year, Rhonda Petersen
  • 3rd year, Kenny van Lieshout 
  • IBP , Elien Emmen 
  • Pre-master, Daan Boom 
  • Parttime bachelor, Thijs van Oeveren


  • L. van Es (Lisa), student member Executive Board
  • H. Verhoef (Helen), study association Labyrint
  • Dr. A. Wit (Arjaan), director of Studies
  • Drs. A.G.M. Zandvliet (Anna), manager Psychology Office

Administrative secretary

Dr. J. van Rooij, study advisor


Mailing adress
Secretary Bachelor's Programme Committee,
adressed to ms. J.S. de Vries (Judith) 
Institute of Psychology
Leiden University
PO Box 9555
2300 RB LEIDEN E-mail:

Last Modified: 09-02-2017