Programme Structure (students starting in 2013)

Leiden University allows you to shape your study programme so that it matches your interests and ambitions. After completion of the first semester of the second year of the Psychology programme.

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Programme Structure & Planning

In the first year your twelve mandatory courses are set for you. From the second year on, you can either decide to stay broad in your orientation on the field, or you can choose to specialise by taking electives focusing on a certain subdiscipline in addition to the mandatory second year courses. In your third year, you will spend 30 credits on electives and you will join a research project and write your bachelor’s thesis on that topic. Of the total of 60 credits for electives, 30 credits should be for courses offered by the Insitute of Psychology, and 30 credits can be taken either from the Institute’s list of courses offered by other universities in other disciplines.
For details see the e-Prospectus


Please note that the descriptions of the electives currently in the e-prospectus describe the current Dutch version of the programme. Electives may change slightly for the second and third year of the IBP programme.

In the psychology bachelor programme there are 60 ec of elective courses: courses you choose yourself.  Of these electives credits at least 30 ec must be chosen within the Psychology programme. The remaining 30 credits can be chosen from inside or outside of the Psychology programme. The choice is up to you.

Electives in Psychology
At least 30 credits of electives must be chosen within the Psychology programme. Of these, at least two 400 level courses must be completed. These are in-depth (specialisation) courses. These courses are required for entry into the related master's specialisation.

In the e-Prospectus, under Year 2 you will find the list of psychology courses from which you can choose. All elective courses will be offered in the 2015-16 academic year. (Psychology courses not included in this list do not count as electives within Psychology.) You do not need to request permission to take courses within psychology. These courses are listed in uSis under your study requirements. 

Electives outside Psychology: Your Choice
Of the total of 60 elective credits you are allowed to take, a maximum of 30 ec of courses outside the Psychology programme is allowed. Of these 30 ec at least 5 ec must be taken at the 300 level or higher. You are allowed to take courses from all university programmes, as long as the subjects are offered at an academic level and do not overlap with the topics that are covered as a part of your study. These courses do not need to be related in subject matter to each other and they do not have to be related to psychology. The e-Prospectus contains a list of elective courses that Leiden University offers. Courses  that teach English language proficiency may not be included.

Request Permission via uSis
You must request permission to take elective courses outside of psychology in uSis.  


You can also fill elective requirement with a minor. A minor is a coherent package of courses from another programme. Minors in Psychology add no value if you are studying psychology.

Minors include 30 ec of credit. Leiden University offers about 50 minors but not all are offered in the English language.
English language minors

Once a student has been officially accepted into a minor he/she should inform the Student Services Centre at You need not officially petition for this minor in uSis.

Interdisciplinary minors
The Institute of Psychology particiates in three multidisciplinary minors, which are open to (Dutch speaking) psychology students:

  • Brain and Cognition 

  • Kindermishandeling en Verwaarlozing: een levensloopperspectief

e-Prospectus - minors

Minors with overlap
Please note! The below (Dutch language) minor has have one course that has significant overlap with a compulsory subject of the psychology programme. This course can therefore not be included in the electives requirement. This means students following the below minors would earn a maximum of 25 ec, instead of 30 ec:

  • Minor Tweedetaalverwerving (overlap with the course, Statistics)

For questions please contact your Study advisor

More info
All information about the minors, the admission and registration procedure can be found on the minors

Courses at another Dutch university

It is also possible to take elective courses at another Dutch university if Leiden University does not offer these courses. As you have already paid tuition at the University of Leiden, you wil not need to pay tuition to take these courses. This policy is applicable for elective courses within and outside of psychology.

Request permission in uSis
You will need to request permission in uSis to be allowed to attend these courses. You will of course also need to have the permission of the other University.
Request permission to take electives (in uSis)

Studying Abroad

You can also choose to take yoor electives at a university abroad. You can take electives within or outside of psychology. However you should not take an in-depth course abroad. Students who are seeking for an international experience:
study abroad opportunities


Requesting an exemption for university-level coursework previously 

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