Take part in an experiment

Are you lacking credits for the first-year ‘Academic Skills Tutorial’ course unit? Or would you like to earn some extra money and take part in a research project? If so, you can sign up to participate in an experiment.

Participate as subjects in ongoing research

To gain insight into, and judge, the value of others’ empirical results and the ethical aspects of experiments, it is important to have participated in experimental studies yourself. This is why first-year students are required to participate as subjects in ongoing research of the Institute of Psychology. More information will be given in your tutorial.

Participant credits

During the propaedeutic year, first-year students are required to spend eight hours participating in psychology experiments. These research participation hours count as part of the Academic Skills Tutorial, and students must complete them in order to earn the credits for this course unit. The eight hours equal 16 participant credits. These are registered by the system for Leiden University Research Participation.

Earn money

If you are not a student or are studying at another faculty, you can also take part in research, for example if you wish to earn some extra money, for example. Payment ranges from 6 to 20 euros per hour. Register and sign up for one of the different research projects on the system for Leiden University Research Participation.


Experiments usually take place in the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at the Pieter de la Court Building. Special studies, such as fMRI research, generally take place in the LUMC.


Last Modified: 26-08-2013