Career Perspectives

For master's students in Psychology in Leiden.

De LU Career Zone
The LU Career Zone aims to help students make the switch to the job market. This portal provides students and young alumni with a lot of information in both Dutch and English about the job market and potential careers. Students and young alumni wanting to use the tests or the vacancy search engine can do so by logging in with their ULCN account. They can continue to do so even after graduating.

LU Career Zone


If you have any questions about the LU Career Zone or about your personal career, please contact the Student Career Services of Social and Behavioural Sciences


Applied Cognitve Psychology

During the master's programme

Child and Adolescent Psychology

Child and Adolescent Psychology - Masters in Leiden (Dutch/ English)

Clinical Neuropsychology

Clinical Neuropsychology - Masters in Leiden (Dutch/ English)

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology - Masters in Leiden (Dutch/ English)

Economic and Consumer Psychology

During the master's programme

  • Colloquia (Dutch)

  • Workshops and events

  • ECP day two times a year; April and November
    Alumni and current students of the ECP master's programme will get together. Experiences concerning finding an internship during the master's programme, a job after graduation and job perspectives will be discussed. Besides, insights in the latest developments in Economic Psychology and Consumer Behavior are provided.

  • Guest lecture provided by company two times a year; March and October
    A guest lecture will be given by a company in the field of Economic and Consumer psychology to give students an insight in this company and to show the job opportunities within the company.

Health Psychology

Health psychology - Masters in Leiden (Dutch/ English)

During the master's programme

  • The coordinator of the Master Health psychology sends a monthly email with vacancies related to Health Psychology, to everyone in the Master's programme and to former Master's students.

  • The course Health Psychology in Practice (e-Prospectus)

Methodology and Statistics

During the master's programme

Colloquia (Dutch)

Occupational Health Psychology

During the master's programme

Blackboard (Master Occupational Health general vacancies, dutch)

Social and Organisation Psychology

During the master's programme

  • Colloquia: minimum of 10 per year (Dutch)

  • Career Onset Bulletin
    Each quarter, made out of interviews with alumni, to give students an image on how alumni received their jobs, and what kind of different careers there are possible.

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