Exchange coordinator

Are you curious about your options for studying abroad? Would you like to know what you can already do to increase your chances for Psychology abroad? Contact your Exchange coordinator.

Are you thinking about doing part of your Psychology programme abroad? Great idea! Go do it! Just make sure you start to orient yourself and get everything organised in good time before you leave. Read 4 steps for studying Psychology Abroad

Deadline for applying

  • Outside Europe: 1 December

  • Inside Europe: 15 February for the following academic year

Exchange coordinator: Dieuwerke de Groot

Dieuwerke de Groot

Dieuwerke de Groot

Telephone: 071-5273609
Room: 2 C02
Office hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Open consultation hour (walk-in)
Thursday: 10:30-11:30 hrs 
Extra: Tuesday November 29th 14:30 -15:30 hrs

Last Modified: 19-05-2017