You can receive your IBP bachelor's diploma on 2 September. Please fill in the Request Form for the Bachelor's Diploma before 15 July for the Student Service Desk as well as the Master's Registration form with your master's specialisation. Follow the procedure for enrolment in Studielink as a master's student before 1 August. Be present on 1 September at the Master's Introduction and Course Enrolment Day.

Before 15 July: request for your IBP bachelor’s diploma

Please submit the request form for your bachelor’s diploma and registration form for your chosen master’s specialisation to the Student Services Centre of this faculty as soon as possible, but before 15 July 2016. You can also do this by e-mail.

No later than 15 July: Bachelor's courses abroad included on your diploma

If you are taking courses at a university abroad in the second semester, and would like to have these courses included on your bachelor's diploma, you must submit the transcript with your results to the Student Services Centre of this Faculty no later than 15 July 2016.

Before 15 July: indicate which master’s specialisation you want to take

If you are thinking of starting a master’s specialisation at Leiden University in September 2016: please fill out this form and indicate which master’s specialisation you want to take. You can do so via the Student Services Centre

On 29 July: meet the IBP requirements? Graduation ceremony on 2 September

If you are enrolled in the IBP programme and meet the requirements for the Psychology bachelor’s diploma on 29 July 2016, you can participate in the graduation ceremony on the afternoon of 2 September 2016. For the procedure, see: Requesting your Bachelor's Diploma / Graduation IBP

Download letter

Request form for IBP bachelor’s diploma / registraton for master’s programme including attachments

Before 1 August: Register in Studielink for the Psychology master’s programme

In addition to filling in the above-mentioned forms, you must also register in Studielink for the Psychology master’s programme at Leiden University before 1 August 2016. You can do this via the Student Services Centre.

1 September: Master's Introduction and Course Enrolment Day

The Introduction and Course Enrolment Day for the Psychology master’s programme takes place on Thursday 1 September 2016. You are expected to attend this for the whole day, so that you will not miss any important information about the master’s specialisation you have chosen.

NB! This is the only day on which you can enrol for the master’s courses of the entire first semester (Block 1 + block 2). You can find the next Master’s Introduction and Course Enrolment Days in the Master's agenda.

Tip: make this page a favourite, so that you don’t miss any relevant information around the start of your master’s programme. It will also be handy if you decide to start in February 2017 or September  2017.


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